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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), injuries account for 9% of the total disease burden in sub-Saharan Africa, and more than 50% of these deaths occur before the injured person reaches a hospital. In addition, some of these preventable injuries place a massive burden on national economies, costing countries billions of funds each year in health care and lost productivity. 

Also, When injuries occur, the cost of healthcare can be a significant burden on families. Without adequate knowledge and skills, injuries can become more severe, requiring more expensive treatments and potentially long-term care. This can lead to a cycle of debt and poverty.
At Chanoch Health and Safety Hub (CHS HUB), we are driven by a passionate commitment to fostering positive change by addressing critical issues through a multifaceted approach and our comprehensive array of services. Our commitment extends beyond immediate solutions to sustainable health and hygiene education, health promotion, research, policy advocacy, and corporate sustainability.

Our core focus areas encompass Health and Safety Consulting, First Aid and Safety Training, Health and Safety Promotion, Health and Hygiene Education, Maternal and Child Health, Abuse and Domestic Violence, Corporate Sustainability, Outreach and Awareness Programs, Policy Advocacy, and Research.

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We aim to provide first aid courses that engage the learner with interesting course content and a fun atmosphere! At CHS Hub, we encourage learning by doing, and the candidates in our courses prove this theory with their enthusiasm and participation. We focus on sustaining lives by eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and death through general health, first aid, and safety training.


Comfort Ninyio, Teacher

""The program was very Educative, I learnt alot especially being a teacher who is always in a classroom surrounded by Children, this training (First aid...) will definitely come in handy. I just learnt that when a child is having a nose bleed instead of asking the child to lean backwards I should instead ask the child to lean forward and face down. This is very important as I always have children with nose bleeding. Thank you CHS HUB"

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